Sunday, July 30, 2006

Israeli-Lebanon Way to Peace

Lebanon’s International Peacekeeping Team

The European Union will head up the diplomatic efforts. NATO will head up the military operation. The United Nations will head up the humanitarian and the monitoring of the border missions. The Arab League of Nations and the United States government will help support the roles of the European Union NATO and the United Nations in their missions. Each group will have a plan that is divided into tasks that will be delegated to individual nations or a team of nations. The Shabbat Farm region will be the main base for the international operations in the region.

All four groups will work together to bringing about the needed change to accomplish the mission of long-term peace in the region. The Lebanese government will have an active role working with all four international groups. A website will be created outlining the goals and the progress or lack of progress in the operations. Worldwide transparency in the operation needed to build global confidence and coordination in the operation.

Once the international community of nation gets involved in the peacekeeping operations of the Lebanon-Israeli border a timetable will be established. The Lebanese government will work hand-in-hand step-by-step on each task with the different international operations. The first step will be to set up bases for each of the operations. While the bases are being established diplomatic and humanitarian efforts will be made. If efforts are met with military resistance from Hezbollah, NATO forces will come to the front line with the humanitarian efforts being put on the back burner.

After the international base are completed and the fighting has quieted down an amnesty period will be established that the Lebanese people can turn in any heavy military armament to the Lebanese’s authorities with no questioned asked. Providing there is no on going combat between the international operations and Hezbollah NATO’s role will be a supporting role to the international humanitarian NGO’s and Lebanese government.

The first step is to build up the strength of the Lebanese National Army to the point so they have control of the land within their nation. The second is to have a political campaign to disarm the militant wing of Hezbollah of heavy military weapons in Lebanon. Only by winning over the hearts and minds of the Lebanese people will there be long lasting peace. The people of Lebanon have to be convinced there will be no attempts by the international coalitions to break-up or harm the political and social wing of the Hezbollah party. The mission of the international coalition is to disarm the militant wing of Hezbollah of bombs missiles and explosives and for the Federal Government of Lebanon to have control of the land within Lebanon. After some training of the Lebanese military and police forces a concerted effort will be made by NATO and the Lebanese forces to disarm the militant wing of Hezbollah.

There will be three types of infrastructure that will be building by the international coalition. The first type will be permanent structures that will be turned over the Lebanese government or the United Nations for further use. The second will be permanent structures that will be turn over to the private sector for alternative private use with the Humanitarian NGOs having first options. The third will be temporary structures that will be dismantled at the end of operations.

The creation of an official website for this operation will help the different parties involved as well as international observers to what and how things are going on the ground. An official timeline of the progress and of violations must be maintained. The website could help in the coordination of the many different actives that will be going on simultaneously. Each group will have there own section on the website that will be updated on a regularly basis. There will be a section that will be closed to the public for internal use only.

Twelve Step Program for Peace in the Middle East

Only by a truly international effort can the Israeli crisis in the Middle East be resolved once and for all. It will be the United States and Israel verses the community of nations of the world with a very few exceptions. The platform and manner that the difference between the parties can be resolved will be up to the United States and Israel. Basically they have two choices with the first being they continue to dictate term and conditions that will eventually led to more wars and military conflicts as it has for the last sixty years. Or two we can change course drastically opening the whole crisis before an International Tribunal that will dictate terms and condition on matters that have not already been resolved by the parties of concern The International Tribunal ruling will have to be imposed onto the parties of concern.

The latter of the two choices will require at least a twenty year twelve-step program to peace and security. With the United Nations, Arab League of Nations, NATO, European Union and the NGO’s of humanity coming together for a twenty year mission. Israel and the United States will be called before the International Tribunal as well as any other nations or people involved war crimes related to this crisis. Each side will have a chance to present their case with the International Tribunal making the final ruling which is a ruling of a settlement more than punishment.

Any military aggressive action taken by any of the parties involved after the International Peacekeepers have entered the region will be judged much more harshly than war crimes committed in the past.

· Stop the fighting
· Move in International Peacekeepers
· Set-up the Peace table for long term negations
· Set-up long term international relief efforts
· Set up the International Tribunal
· Resolve the agreeable difference outside the International Tribunal
· International Tribunal gives ruling on unsettled matters
· Enforcement of International Tribunal rulings
· The monitoring of the situation on the ground
· Fine tuning of any problems
· The dismembering of the International Tribunal
· A world wide celebration for peace


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