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Palestinian-American Link

Palestinian-American Link

PAL will use the Internet to establish connection between people of Palestine and the rest of the world with the main focus on teenagers. Working on the assumptions that the young people in the world minds are still open to more ideas and ways that are different from their own. The young people are the gateway to the inter-net of the world of tomorrow. Establishing links between young people of Palestine and young people of the world will help people on all sides. The young people of Palestine will be reassured that they are not forgotten and that there is hope. With so many other young people around the world realizing how lucky some are to having the life they have.

PAL mission is to build bridges between the young people of Palestine and the people of the world. Creating projects for students and classrooms in Palestine and around the world. Getting people involved in making Palestine a better place to live, work, and learn.

The Internet is a vast ocean of information with much of it lost in the sea. PAL wants to target information about Palestine creating a tool for the teachers in the classroom to be able to use to teach about the people of Palestine. This site will focus on the culture and a way to peace in the land of Palestine.

Classroom to Classroom
This part of the site will deal with a classroom in Palestine and a classroom somewhere else in the world. It will be a closed link between the two classrooms. This section will need a password to enter. Class projects designed by the teachers will be established. A dialog between the two classrooms with one teaching the other about their life expirence. The Lucky Classroom will adopt the Palestinian Classroom by racing funds, material, supplies and gifts. Donate your old computer program these could become the computer in a classroom that does not have one. Over the course of the year there will be students that develop a personal relationship they will be able to continue their relationship though the Student-to-Student Program. By increasing the dialog we will increase the awareness of how life is on the other side.

PAL Student to Student Program

This section will be for students that may have been in the PAL Classroom Program. It will be open to the public for viewing. Each student will have a short biography about himself or herself. With many being some of the older students helping and advising some of the younger and newer PAL Classrooms.

PAL Student-to-Student Home Page

A. Student Chat Room
B. Student Biography section
C. Student Diary
D. Student Classroom
E. What can I do

PAL Student-to-Student section will rely on volunteers (students, teachers and people who care) to monitor this part of the site. The postings will be monitored by the PAL monitoring volunteers, who will be monitor by the PAL administration.

PAL Bulletin Board

PAL Bulletin Board will post writings from students, classrooms, and teachers chosen by the PAL administration.

PAL Bulletin Board Homepage

A. PAL’S Students
B. PAL’S Classroom Projects
C. PAL’S Vision of Peace
D. PAL’S Teacher Corner
E. How can I Help?

PAL’s Links Homepage

This page will have links to other groups that are dealing with the Palestinian issue. It will be a good tool for student or teacher to get information about Palestine. Example; The United Nations, and United States State Department have good Web sites with 100’s thousands of pages with only a few dealing with Palestine. PAL’s links will take right there. There are many reliable groups that have web site with vast amounts of information about many things. It is getting to the pages that deal with the specific topic as a PEACE in PALESTINE for the young at heart. PAL wants to build bridges between people and information dealing with Palestine.

PAL’s Contact Homepage

Through this page people will be able to contact PAL to get involved in one of our many programs or to make a donation.

Sponsor a Palestine child, family or classroom
Donate old computers, school supplies
Fresh water and bread
Become a member of Palestine-American Link

Palestine needs help in many different ways; PAL want to become a link for some of that help that is needed today.


At 3:57 PM, Blogger seansmom said...

The Arabs don't want to take crumbs from their killers. (that's what the Palestinian /Israel conflict is all about!) They don't want you to rebuild what you (your government) has destroyed. They don't want your bread. Let the Arabs take care of their own. For the criminal element in their midst, boycott, divest and sanction! Leave the rest up to them!

At 12:04 AM, Blogger sarasmom said...

David, seansmom here from mepeace. They froze my seansmom account quite awhile back. I am really enjoying the hell out of you and Connie on the forum. OMG, Connie has put Neri-Bar in the electric chair....LOL! I was banned for much less. I can't message you there so I just wanted you to know I am impressed with your views. I am impressed with Connie for standing up. I invited you to Peace for Palestine, do not have a link, did you get it?


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